Bidding Requirements

1. Three AA people under 35 years of age with a minimum of 1 year of sobriety must represent the bidding city. This shall include the presenter(s) of the bid to the Advisory Council. They may be accompanied by supporters of any age.

2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two hotels, including dates showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof that the hotel requires no commitment as to the number of people attending. This commitment needs to be represented in the form of a hotel contract out-lining the costs of doing business.

3. Assurance must be given in the form of a letter from the local Intergroup Office that no large scale AA activity (i.e. World, ICYPAA, and Florida State Conferences) will be held in their local AA Area (ie. 1, 14, 15) within a thirty-day period before and a thirty-day period after the conference date.

4. A letter from local service structure (i.e. Intergroup, District and/or Area) ought to be obtained to demonstrate how the bid committee has been involved in service within your local area. If your committee has been involved in other activities outside your bid committee, please share that as well.

5. Prospective bidders are required to provide detailed financial records from all committee transactions. This is to include bank account status and financial autonomy.

6. The new host city must agree that 80% of the proceeds after expenses are to be turned over the FCYPAA Advisory Council within 30 days of the conference. The host city is permitted to contribute up to 20% of the proceeds as they see fit, keeping in line with the 12 traditions.

7. Bidders must provide a concise statement illustrating the need for the conference in their area.

8. There will be a maximum of twenty minutes for the presentation by each bidding city.

9. Bid Committee packages must be submitted to the Advisory Council in advance. A scrubbed* PDF electronic copy is to be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the start of the conference by 11:59pm est. 8 hard copies of the Bid packages are to be handed in to Advisory Council no later than 5:00 pm on the Friday of the Conference.

10. Prospective bidders must read, understand and be prepared to agree with the requirements as written/stated in the host committee responsibilities.

11. Bidders must have available a temporary pre-registration flyer with a mailing address, email, Registration or Scholarship, Special Needs, and Price, not to include conference dates or hotel info. Include this with your bid book.

12. FCYPAA Anonymity Statement for the Bid Committee(s) Requirements – In keeping with our name and the 11th tradition, we ask that our members, guests and visitors do not take pictures, videos or recordings of any FCYPAA person, activity, event or conference unless everyone in it has given consent. Please do not publicly identify or affiliate yourself with AA or FCYPAA in a public format such as the press, radio, film or public Internet. We ask that you are mindful of posting such content on the public Internet.

The FCYPAA Advisory Council strongly suggests each bid committee outreach their respective committees’ beyond their immediate locale. Seek assistance from The Advisory Council and share business meeting minutes to

*In accordance with the 12th tradition, we ask that last names and pictures be removed from all bid books.