Information & Bid Resources From FCYPAA Advisory Council

Hotels 101


The FCYPAA Advisory Council has provided a section on its website ( that provides business data that’s relevant to FCYPAA bid committees and host committees, including…

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Bid Requirements


1. Three AA people under 35 years of age with a minimum of one year of sobriety must represent the bidding city. This shall include the presenter(s) of the bid to the Advisory Council. They may be accompanied by supporters of any age.

2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two hotels, including dates showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof that the hotel requires no commitment as to the number of people attending. This commitment needs to be represented in the form of a hotel contract out-lining the costs of doing business. 

3. Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity will be held in their city within a thirty-day period before and a thirty-day period after the conference date. This information can typically be obtained from your local Intergroup office….

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Hosting FCYPAA


Your Committee has been selected to act on behalf of the Florida Conference of Young People in AA. The Host Committee has the chief initiative and the active responsibility in preparing for and hosting FCYPAA’s annual conference. Except in matters affecting other Host Committees, FCYPAA, or A.A. as a whole, each Host Committee should be autonomous. Here the Advisory Council’s attitude has to be that of custodial oversight. With this relationship come certain specific responsibilities:

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Site Selection Procedure


The selection of the site for the next FCYPAA will be done in a closed meeting following the bid session on the second day of each year’s FCYPAA. The successful bid shall be selected using the 3rd legacy voting procedure as outlined in the AA Service Manual. Each member of the Advisory Council will have a voice and vote on site selection. An opening statement will be read outlining the format of the meeting and the procedure for keeping order.

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